Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mexico City Earthquake.

Jared was able to get online today to send out an email letting us know that he is safe and everything is fine in Monterrey. 
Mexico City was hit with a large earthquake yesterday, September 19, but Jared said that he didn't feel anything in Monterrey and all is well! Yay. We are so glad he is safe.

Week 33: Miguel Aleman, Mexico.

Week 33: ¡VIVA MÉXICO!

Well this week has been interesting! It was the Independence day for México the 16th. We had a fiesta and I´ll be honest the Mexicans know how to celebrate a little bit better than us Americans... This week has also been super humid for some reason. I have came to conclusion that there is hot and humid hot. I have been ironing 2 shirts in the morning because mid-day I have to return to the house to change shirts. We also went to the temple this morning which was a good experience.
We have a baptism date this Saturday for 3 of our investigators. Mauricio, Michelle, and Christopher. I hope we can complete this goal for them. My entire district are Latinos so I have been 100% in Spanish this transfer. Its helped me a lot and I also take time in our meetings to teach them English. I don´t have much to say this week but just remember that in order to receive blessings or anything great in life, we need to make sacrifices! Sacrifice the time and energy to reach out to those in need! I have been blessed to not have been effected by any of the earthquakes here in Mexico yet so don´t worry, everything will be fine! Take care.

Love, Elder Gibson

Pictures with Elder Cambell, The man who always hooks us up with free ice cream, my district, and companion.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Week 32. Miguel Aleman, Mexico.

Week 32: What a week!

Man! It sure has been a crazy week here in Mexico and throughout the world. My companion Elder De la Rosa is from Chiapas which got pretty torn up from the earthquake this past week. His hometown got hit pretty hard leaving a lot dead and injured. However, everyone of his family members is okay. I also know 3 other Elders from Chiapas, and their families too are all okay. I have been thinking about how the Lord blesses the families of a missionary. It truly is miraculous how a family can be protected and blessed with just one family member out on a mission. However, we dont need to have a mission out on a mission to receive these types of blessing. We can all receive them with living a Christ centered life!

Now if anyone is wondering what happened here in Monterrey, everything is okay! 
Thankfully, we didn't get affected by the earthquake. There were only thunder and lightening storms and a power outage. However inconvenient this power outage was, I learned something essential. The power went out in Monterrey and the surrounding cities for 9 hours. With this power outage there wasn't any service for the telephones during this time. After all of the devastating natural disasters, the people seemed to be more concerned and preoccupied about their cellphone than the people suffering in their same country. I realized that the things of this world to the people are more important the world itself. I hope that all of us can live a more simple life. The simple things that bring the most happiness. Ill be the first to say that the newest technology brings a whole lot of worldly happiness but not eternal joy. Now what are these simple things I speak of? Its visiting the people in need, its providing for the poor and less fortunate, its building a strong relationship with family and friends, its putting aside the things of the world for the benefit of others. When we participate in this kind of service with will experience eternal joy that will last us beyond this life. I can promise a simple life is a happier life. Be humble and put others first and watch the blessings that will come! I hope the best for you all. Take care! 

Love, Elder Gibson

P.S. The dog a always play fetch with when I pass by, my house, and me walking the streets of this crazy world!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Week 31: Miguel Aleman, Mexico.

Week 31: Miguel Alemán! oh and an interesting story.

Love, Elder Gibson

P.S. Some pictures with my new companion and my boy Ricky!!