Monday, August 28, 2017

Week 30: San Miguel, Mexico.

Week 30: Transfers!

I have transfers! My companion ended his mission this past week so I knew that I was going to have transfers. Our mission President called me last Thursday and asked me if our house and area would be good for sister missionaries. I should of lied but I told him the truth that yes our area and house are super nice. So yes the sister missionaries hijacked my area and I was a little upset because it was progressing bastante! However I know that the sister missionaries are going to continue the work ☺
I just got moved to an area thats called Miguel Alemán and my new companion is Elder De la Rosa from Chiapas, Mexico. He ends his mission after this transfer so next transfer i'm going to have transfers otra vez! I am super excited to get to know a new area and new people! I have came to realize it doesn't matter in what area or with who, you can always kind happiness. 
I am going to miss my companion Elder Gamboa, he has been super cool! We have made plans for me to go and visit him in his house in Cancun when I end my mission. Also, this week for my district I grilled up Carne Asada and hamburgers for completing some goals we put in the pasado! What a blessing!!! 

I hope you all enjoy the pictures! I got the opportunity to take a picture with our investigators before we leave. It is crazy to see how this gospel can change a persons life and how to can help any person find true happiness! Take care everyone.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Week 29: San Miguel, Mexico.

Week 29: Awesome Eclipse!

Okay to start off, the subject to this email is a joke. The eclipse here was very lame!  I would love to see all of the great pictures of it back home because it wasn't existent here. Today I had the opportunity to at Buffalo Wild Wings so you could say life has been pretty easy. However, this week has been a little bit lame to be honest!

My companion has had major problems with his knees this week. He has had a hard time walking so we talked with our Mission President and he set a few appointments with the doctors in the center of Monterrey. It was a great opportunity to get to know the center of Monterrey, it is super big and beautiful (Its the rich and nice part of Monterrey, the opposite of where I am). With that being said I want to get back to work, we have been limited to working because of Elder Gamboas knee. However, he ends his mission this next week. So his all means next Monday I will know who my new companion is. Interesting... I am super excited! I really hope that it is a Latino, to be honest they are a lot more interesting and helps me a lot with my Spanish .
This week my covert Karla from Juarez told me that she is going to serve a mission! It is crazy to see in just 5 months she has taken so many steps to progress and gain a strong testimony. I am very happy for her decision to start preparing to serve the Lord! Just one of many miracles I have seen here on my mission! I know through faith and scripture study we can find peace and joy. Happiness only lasts for a time but joy is everlasting happiness that can only be found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I hope the best for all of you. Count your many blessing, I promise there are A LOT ☺. Cuidese mucho. I want to see pictures of the eclipse if you have any! 

Love, Elder Gibson

Friday, August 18, 2017

Week 28: San Miguel, Mexico.

Week 28: Sleeping on the Roof!

This past week was a little bit stressful and frustrating. First of all we got our water cut because the Elders that lived there before us never paid the water bill. It is very difficult living the scorching heat without any water in the house, I wouldn't recommend it. Secondly, Thursday Elder Gamboa and I lost the keys to our house. I think you can piece together what happened next... We slept on the roof in our white shirts and ties.WE had some members bring a few blankets but thats about it. The next morning we got a little impatient and we decided the only option was to break down the door😂. Elder Gamboa told me to show him my football skills, so I decided to go at it with my shoulder. To my surprise the door busted open and all we did was break the dead bolt lock on the door. We screwed it back on and it was like nothing even happened ☺.  We later found the keys in the street in a different colonia and the water got fixed.

I tell this story because at times life is difficult. At times we wonder why life cant be easy or just go our way, however these kind of "bad days" are necessary. Without them we wouldn't understand what it feels like to enjoy the good days! Life is full of ups and downs, everyone has trials and difficulties. Keep in mind that we are here on the Earth today to experience JOY! When we have this mind set and perspective we will be able to find happiness in any situation this life has to throw at us! We will also be able to understand that in the end, everything will work out to be alright.Take care everyone!

Love, Elder Gibson

A few old pictures of my six month mark and me forcing my companions face into his birthday cake!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Week 27: San Miguel, Mexico.

Week 27: ¡Ã‰chele Ganas!

This week has gone by super fast and I feel as if I don't have mucho to talk about. 
However, to start out it was Elder Gamboa's birthday Saturday and I cooked up a lot of food in the morning! I was super proud because I found bacon here and I cooked it up and I came to find out that Elder Gamboa doesn't like bacon.  I also planned out a mini surprise party for him with some of the members which was a success! I even smashed his face into his birthday cake.
This week we were teaching an investigator and all of a sudden the drug military squad pulled up in a SWAT truck. My initial thoughts were that our investigator was selling drugs. However, truth be told their squad just passed by to get their haircut by her. We even got to snap a picture with them!
We have been working super hard to find the people that have been prepared to hear this message. We have seen the people in our area progress and make the changes needed to be right in the sight of our Lord. I am so thankful for all the many things I have learned here and look forward to the future. 
I want to end by saying that trials are necessary in this life, we are going to get knocked down but I promise we can endure and overcome these trials. Know that God has a plan, and that every little thing in this life happens for a reason. Stay positive, and enjoy this wonderful life! Take care, Cuidense.
-Elder Gibson

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Week 25 and Week 26: San Miguel, Mexico.

Week 25: San Miguel!

My first week in my new area was awesome! Its a lot different, the houses are so much nicer. I also feel a lot safer here in this area . I am accustomed to Jaurez where nobody has any money, but the truth is I miss it a lot! The people in Juarez were a lot more receptive and humble. I made so many amazing friends in Juarez that I will treasure forever. However, this new area it feels as if the temperature is more mild. We also have air conditioning in our bedroom which is a huge blessing. The house is also a lot bigger and 2 stories. The ward is also super supportive and always looking for ways to help us. Yesterday I gave a talk in church and I talked about the importance of missionary work. I am finally getting comfortable with speaking this language
Elder Gamboa has 5 weeks left in the mission so we are going to work super hard and do all we can to find success in his last few weeks. One of my favorite families from Juarez was in my area yesterday for a fiesta and stopped by to talk to me for a little, I was super excited! This area has a lot of potential and I am so excited to start working here!  
My favorite lesson to teach is the Plan of Salvation. This lesson seems to bring the most peace to all the people that I teach. I know that God has prepared a plan for all of us, and through our obedience and faithfulness we can obtain all of the blessing he has in store for us. He has paved the path for us to live again after this life! How wonderful this plan is for us. Always praying for you all, cuidese mucho!

P.S. I am a snake keeper and so fat that I broke a chair while eating. Also a picture of my old district in Juarez!

-Elder Gibson
Week 26: 6 months.... check!
Well I would like to start off by saying today I completed 6 months in the mission! It has gone by super fast and in this short time I have experienced so many things that will last a lifetime. I have experienced the ups and the downs but honestly I can only remember the good times and not the bad. I am grateful for this time and I hope that the time will slow down! Its going by way too fast.This week has been super hot! One day I forgot to put on sunscreen and got super burnt! I got a call from one of my super close friend from Jaurez this week. His name is Jonathan, the brother of my convert Karla (I sent pictures with him last week and his picture is below). When I was there in Jaurez, he always listened but never had the desire to go to church or progress. However, he called me and said he has the desire and we talk and had a great conversations about all of his questions and doubts. He went to church yesterday and had a great experience. Things like this are the things i love about my mission! Watching people have a change of heart and a strong desire to change their lives for the best! I am super happy and grateful for this time. Take care everyone and most importantly, BE HAPPY!
- Elder Gibson