Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Week 75: San Nicholas, Mexico.

Week 75: Hello!

Hello! So we had transfer calls last night and I am staying with Elder Hernandez again! Good thing we get along 😂. Its looking like we are going to have 7 months together! However its going to be a great transfer. Elder Hernandez and I are still trying to get used to the new missions rules and way of work. It is alot different than the Monterrey East Mission. However it will be a great experience to get to know all the new missionaries and places here in the west.
Elder Hernandez and I have been finding a lot of great people but it has been very difficult for them to get to church. This week we are going to focus on helping everyone get to church so that they can feel the spirit! Pray for us and our efforts in this aspect! I will let you all know how it goes this next week. 👍
This past week while we were contacting some people we had a very sad experience. A dog came after us and all we had to protect us was my somberero haha! I put that thing out and the dog got ahold of it and ripped it up! I put a picture in of the old somberero and another picture of the new one because I am not trying to get sunburned this year. I learned my lesson last year. Hope that you are all doing good! I love this work. Have a wonderful week!

Love, Elder Gibson

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Week 74: San Nicholas, Mexico.

Week 74: 17 Months Completed

Completed 17 months this past week. Time is sure working against me at this point, wish it could just slow down. Elder Hernandez and I have got ahold of our area a little better. We have continued to find me people to add to our teaching pool. We have been teaching a lady named Neraida who is a widow. She was able to come to church with us today. Its has been awesome getting to know her and share gospel principles to help her in her life. We also have been able to teach a girl whos name is Yulisa. She is about 19 years old and has came to be really interested in the Book of Mormon. We hope that she will be able to come to church with us next Sunday!

I was able to go on exchanges with Elder Ortiz in my old area, Miguel Aleman. I was able to visit all of the old members and converts in that area. It is great to see how the people have kept progressing ever since I left that area. Sure do miss that area!

Well I hope that you all have a wonderful 4th of July! Elder Hernandez and I are going to buy some fireworks and have our own BBQ. Sometimes you got to make it work with what you got haha. May God bless you all. Remember to always to stay on the covenanted path to return to your Father in heaven. Love you all!

Love, Elder Gibson

Monday, June 25, 2018

Week 73. San Nicolas, Mexico.

Week 73: New Area, New Memories!

This week has been crazy! Elder Hernandez and I have been trying to get to know this new area. When we got here we knew absolutely none of the members. In fact, we didnt even really know where our area limits were. There just wasnt too much information left so we had to start from scratch. However this past week we were able to find alot of great people. We found 2 people named Timoty and Victor who are from Togo Africa. They dont speak spanish very well so we were able to teach them in English. They have a super strong accent so its hard to understand them at times. They were able to show up to church with us yesterday! Also its been nice because there are alot more young people here in this area than there was in La Pastora. We hope to find alot of young people to teach.
We also have a new zone. In Paraiso we didnt have any sister missionaries. We now have 6 in the zone, and alot of new areas as well. We had our zone confernce this past week and Elder Hernandez and I gave a training to the zone about the changes in our lives. We are super excited to get to know the new missionaries and areas.
Oh it has also been raining like crazy here. I have never been in such thick rain. Here in Mexico there isnt a draining system in the streets so the streets just get flooded like a river. Thursday we were coming back home in a taxi and it was pouring rain. We didnt know the area very well and we took a wrong turn and we got to a street where the water was so deep that our taxi couldnt go any further. We had to get out of the taxi and the worst part is that we had all of our groceries. So there we were walking back with out grocries in the rain with water up to our shins! Oh well just another memory! Also, the Mexican World Cup team has been winning so the people have been more willing to receive us 😂👍 Hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Gibson

Monday, June 18, 2018

Week 71. Week 72. La Pastora, Mexico.

Week 71: Baptism of the Martinez Garcia Family.

This past week was one of the greatest weeks that I have had in the mission. I feel like I have been saying that alot lately, but this work just keeps getting so much better! We had the privilege and oppurtunity to witness and participate in the baptism of the Martinez Garcia family. I was able to baptize Juvencio. This family really is special. They have great desires to keep progressing in the gospel. Juvencio really has a great ability of making freinds and to being able to talk in front of alot of people. I am sure that in the years to come he is going to be a great lider of the church. The first contact with them was surely inspired by God. About 3 months ago we were walking back home late night after a full day of work. I honestly was super tired and just ready to get to bed. However, when we passed by their house I felt a strong impression to knock on their door. Walking up to the door, my companion told me that the night before he had a dream about this exact house. I just was thinking he talking nonsense haha. Anyways, we knocked on the door and Guadalupe came out and we introduced ourselves as missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We went on to share a small message with her in her porch. We than asked her if we could end by singing a hymn for her. We sang ¨How Great Thou Art¨and we could see tears come to her eyes. She than commented to us that her and her husband have been praying for something new in life. That they were looking for something to help them have more family unity. We than returned a few days later and met Juvencio and Joselyn. Every since than they have been progressing! They got a big picture of the Monterrey temple framed in their living room. Also they have found the Book of Mormon to be a huge influence in thier lives. I would love nothing more than in a year come back to take part in their sealing session in the holy temple.
Also yesterday Juvencio, Arturo, and Erik recieved the preistood. Jazmins mom has been coming to church and told us that little by little she is recieving answers about the church. Also Arturos sister is now coming to church! She is great and has a lot of pontential to progress in the gospel just like Arturo. Elder Hernandez and I are super happy and thankful for all the work that God has given us here in this area. Its a wonderful feeling to know that you have been used as an instrument in Gods hands to bring forth much rightousness. I thank God every day for the people he has put in my path here in the mission. Next week we have transfers so I guess we will see whats going to happen! Have a great week!

Pictures of the baptism, Carne asada with a investigator family, cleaning out the baptismal font, and lidership counsel in the mission!

Love, Elder Gibson

Week 72: Big Changes!

I got to start off by saying that we had transfers yesterday! Well sort of... I am going to be staying with Elder Hernandez but we are going to be moving to a different area. We are going to go to an area called Stancia, it is in San Nicolas. It will be great because I will get to know a different part of Monterrey. I have been in Villa Jaurez, Apodaca, Guadalupe, and now San Nicolas. Elder Hernandez and I will continue being zone leaders for the Moderna Zone. With these changes, I will be switching missions from the Monterrey East mission to the Monterrey West mission starting July 1st. I am super excited to get to know a different mission, we sure do have some crazy changes coming up! With this, I am sad to say goodbye to this wonderful area La Pastora. I have been here since the 1st of Januaray. Here I have spiritually grown alot and have gained experiences I will surely never forget. I have met people who have changed my life forever. I give thanks to my father in heaven because he has blessed me with the ability to see lives of people absolutly change, to see a complete family come to the truth of the gospel, and to see many miracles happen here in this area.

The best part about these transfers is that President Maucotel gave Elder Hernandez and I permission to come back to complete 2 baptisms we have in the making. One is Gabriel, the last family member of the Martinez Garcia family. He has a baptism date for the 29th of July. Juvencio who got baptized recently will be able to baptize his 20 year old son Gabriel, it will be a special and sacred experience. Also Jazmins mother has been progressing. She hasnt missed a single Sunday at church ever since the first time she went for Jazmins baptism. We also have been working alot with her smoking addiction. She has been progressing alot and we are so proud of her and her desire! I know that she knows that the church is true, its just a matter of time that she comes to actually acting on this feeling. Anyways also Mexico beat the defending world cup champs Germany so it was a good week! Hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Gibson

Pictures with Elder Radford, Jazmins mom, and Fernando!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Week 70. La Pastora, Mexico.

Week 70: Arturo's Baptism!

Well this week Arturo got baptized on Saturday! It was awesome because his whole family was able to come and support him. They commented to us that they are all interested in the church and the gospel that goes along with it. We hope to see his family progress in the near future! I have been teaching Arturo for about 5 months now and he finally felt ready to be baptized. He was super worried about what his family was going to think about it because his family is everything to him. Everything turned out great and Elder Hernandez and I were super excited to see him take this step in his life.

Also this Saturday we are going to have the baptism of the Martinez Garcia family! Guadalupe, his husband Juvencio, and thier daughter Jocelyn are more ready than ever for thier baptism. I am going to baptize Juvencio, Elder Hernandez will baptize Guadalupe, and our bishop will baptize Jocelyn! We are super excited for them!

The time here in Mexico is just flying by! I am so happy and blessed to have the privilege to teach such wonderful people. Oh and to finally get a hold of this language! Have a wonderful week! Oh and we had a carne asada today!! Nothing better.

Love, Elder Gibson

Monday, May 28, 2018

Week 69. La Pastora, Mexico.

Week 69: Great Week!

This week has easily been one of the greatest weeks I have had here in the mission. We started out having our zone conference on Tuesday. Elder Hernandez and I gave our training and everything turned out great! The conference lastest from about 9 to about 4. Right after we had to bust over to our church building to fill up the baptismal font. We had Jazmins baptism at 6:30! It was super stressful getting everything ready, but everything ended up being awesome just in time! I still cant beileve how much Jazmin has changed since the first time we taught her. Also her whole family showed up to her baptism and they had a great experience. In fact, her mom is very "catholic" and never wanted to listen to us before however after the baptism she started to ask us questions about the church. Than Sunday you will never guess who came to church... Jazmins mom! We know that she is very intertested and wants to take the same path as her daughter but its only a matter of time until she gives up her old traditions to come to the truth. Also after Jazmins confirmation she had a interview with the bishop to get her recommend to do baptisms in the temple. She has plans on going this next week to do baptisms in the temple!

Alright shifting gears to Saturday. We had Ericks baptism and it turned out great as well. Erick also got his temple recomend to go do baptisms in the temple. The sisters from the ward helped us provide with a refreshment after the 2 baptisms! The ward is really excited to see progress and success with new member activity. Really starting to enjoy my time here in La Pastora!

To end, Arturo is going to have his baptism this Saturday. Guadalupe, Juvencio, and Joselyn are going to have thier baptism the 9th on June. They are doing awesome, they all showed up to church and now have made friends with members of the ward. They even have a picture of the Monterrey temple and the proclamation to the world about the family framed in their living room! Guadalupe even bought earplugs already for her baptism!😂👍 They just understand everything super well and are very well prepared. We have been extremly blessed here in our area! Elder Hernandez and I are really getting along well as well. All is good! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Gibson

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Week 68. La Pastora, Mexico.

Week 68: Progression.

Well this past week has been a hot and busy one! Sadly we couldnt have Eriks baptismal interview last week because he got a 72 hour shift at the hospital last week! However alot of great things have happened this past week. First off Jazmin and Erik had thier baptism interviews and they did great! Jazmins baptism will be held tomorrow at 7 and Eriks Saturday at 11! Elder Hernandez and I are super excited for Jazmin and Erik. Jazmin has invited all of her Cathloic family and friends to come so this should be interesting! We have been busy programing the baptisms and inviting the members as well our other investigators!

Speaking about our other investigators... Guadalupe, Juvencio, and their daughter Marlene have been progressing great! We had an amazing lesson with them about the temples and family history. It was awesome to watch eternal truths touch their hearts. I am pretty sure that they are the most dedicated investigators I have had in my entire mission. The best part is that after our lessons with them, they always give us food to eat! They have their baptism date for the beginning of June! They are going to be a great family in the church for their entire life. Also Fernando has plans to get married this week so we can complete his baptism date for the 2nd of June! We are also planning a ward activity after his baptism to celebrate his baptism and wedding! Tomorrow we also have to give a training in the zone conference, and we will probably be planning it tonight! 😂 Anyways life is good! We have alot of great investigators who have great desires to progress. Alot of plans and such little time!

I have came to know that the verse of the Old Testament to be true. It states in Malachi 4.5-6 ,"Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord : And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers." I know that God sent Elijah to Joseph Smith in the Kirkland Temple to restore the keys to seal families together forver. God wants that we can return into his presence with our entire family. I know that families can be together forever through the priestood power in the holy temples. I am loving the mission life here in Mexico, oh and Elder Hernandez and I found Dairy Queen... Have a great week!

Love, Elder Gibson