Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Week 17: Juarez, Mexico.

Week 17: An interesting week!

This week has been super interesting! Elder Rincon and I received a new companion. His name is Elder George, he is from Sandy, UT. We are currently in a trio because Elder Georges companion went home due to health reasons. He is close to ending his mission so I have learned alot from him!
Yesterday was awesome, we have a family that is taking the lessons and they invited us over for Carne Asada yesterday. They are super cool, in their family they have a son who is 19 and daughter who is 18 and another daughter that is 22. Their grandparents live in Buhl, ID too which is crazy! 
Next week it is possible I get a new companion which is crazy! We have alot of investigators progressing and gaining testimonies of their Savior Jesus Christ which is so cool. Time is going by so fast its freaking me out. Also, the cockroaches are coming out because of the heat and they are huge! They are black and can fly... The worst part is they are in our house. Hope all is well! 
Love, Elder Gibson

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Week 16. Juarez, Mexico.

Week 16: Jaurez!

 This week has been a miracle! Been raining and cool for the first time in my mission. Los Tigres (The pro soccer team here in Monterrey) are in the championship game for all of Mexico! A ton of parties have been going on due to their victories. The championship game here is going to be crazy! I have lucked out because everyone has been making Carne Asada and have been inviting me and my companion to eat with them!
We have been teaching some great people, who truly want a change in their life. I am so blessed to be an instrument in the Lords hand to help the people here! We have been teaching a special person named Martin. He is 29 and has major problems with his health. He has tuberculosis and probably weighs 115 pounds. Elder Rincon and I had the opportunity to give him a special blessing for his health and it was such an amazing experience. He has started to to improve his health and has a baptism date for next week!  Through sincere faith miracles can happen in our life. Life is good! Praying for you all. Got some pictures of what the weather has been like this week!
Love, Elder Gibson

FAMILY! what's up.
This week has been super good and chill. WE have been teaching alot and we have 2 baptisms for next week and 2 more for the following. I hope that they come through, its possible there is some problems and might have to wait a little longer. However, my convert Julio got the priesthood which is super cool! I am convinced someday he is going to become an apostle, he seriously loves the church already more than anyone ive ever met.  Its possible that on June 4th I am training a newby! I am nervous for this possibility but also excited! I hope you all have a great start to summer! I cant believe its already summer. I am really going to miss boating, the cabin, and wakeboarding this 2 years with sucks but its okay. I want you all to be reading the book of Mormon each day because the book really does have the power to answer the difficult questions of your soul through the Holy Ghost. I promise you will be able to find peace in your life. Les amo muchísimo y espero que estan todo bien. Constantemente estoy orando  para ustedes. Cuídese, Nos Vemos bye!!!!!!
Con mucho amor, Elder Gibson

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Week 15. Juarez, Mexico and Mother's Day.

Week 15: Another Week!

This week was awesome! Elder Rincon and I had the opportunity to teach a lot of great people. I also had the chance to skype my family and Damen for Mothers Day which was a great blessing. However yesterday my companion and I had an interesting experience.
We take busses here when we need to go to an area that is out of walking distance. So we took a bus that we thought was going to take us to our desired destination but we were so very wrong. We ended up in the middle of nowhere! The worst part is that we didn't enough money to take a taxi back so we walked for 2 hours in the sun and jungle all the way back to our house. Many times i just thought about hitch hiking. However we made it back and we know now not to take that bus. 
Anyways. I want to let you all know that I know that God listens and answers our prayers. Pray is a simple but very powerful action we have on the earth. I know through sincere pray we can know the guidance and truth we need. I am so thankful for this time here and I have finally gotten pretty good at washing my clothes by hand which is a plus (ITS HARD WORK). I hope all is well and I am still continually praying for you all! I really am sorry but I cant upload any pictures this week. Something is wrong with the system here. I will make sure to put them in my next email! Cuidese Mucho!
-Elder Gibson

***Since it was Mother's Day on Sunday we were able to Skype with Jared for 45 minutes. He looks so good and seems so happy. He loves his mission and loves serving the people in Mexico!***
--a few fun facts he told us--
- he washes his clothes by hand
-they finally got their power turned back on, yay for having electricity!
- he is "lengthening" out, he says he has grown two inches since he got there. he even showed us that he now wears high water pants. mom says she is sending him new pants this week. 
- his mission president went to Boise High School
- he is trying to teach his companion English but everything his companion said to us made no sense
- he can now speak spanish and teach the lessons as well as understand what the natives are saying
- he loves serving in the poorer area of Monterrey. he says the people are all so nice and kind
-the food down there is amazing

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Week 14: Juarez, Mexico.

 Week 14: Another Week.

Time is going by super fast, I really cant believe it! This week was super good, and also super busy. Our investigator Julio got baptized, we got to go to the temple in the rich part of Monterrey, and had the opportunity to go on two transfers, all in one week.
 Julio got baptized on the 5th. We had one of the members of the ward baptize him so he could have a close relationship with someone in the ward. He really is special and I have seen his life completely change. He is awesome and I am so excited for him and his future!
Today i got to explore around the center of Monterrey, it felt like I was back in the United States. It was nice for the day, but in reality I like the slums a lot better. Here I have really came to the conclusion and can testify to the phrase that "Money cant buy happiness". Having good relationships and being around people that you love really is true happiness and joy! I am so thankful for this time on my mission and I have had a lot of time to ponder life and understand whats really important in life and whats not. But really, its going by way too fast! I hope the best for all of you. Take care.


** this week jared wrote a combined letter to the family as well (i am sure we all ask the same questions and he was done with writing one separate email for all 8 of us). it was good hear him go into a little more detail of everything he is doing and loving down there. i have decided to add this letter and any other future family combined letters to his blog as well... as i am sure when he gets home, and in the years to come,  he will love to remember and read everything he had to say.**


Hows everyone doing? I hope all is well and I just want to update you all on my status. And to answer all of moms questions haha! My companion has been out for 11 months. After this transfer I will either stay here with him or I personally think I am going to stay in this area and train a new missionary. Im not sure but I am excited either way. I cant wait to skype on the 14th, that is going to be fun!! My language is getting alot better and i can understand mostly everything people say now which is a blessing and makes teaching alot more fun! Church is alright, we and 4 other missionaries are in a ward called Jaurez 1. Its not to big in numbers but the area of our ward is massive. At times our bishop will come in like 5 minutes late with his family. The ward needs help but it will survive for now. So big news in the mission world. It used to be that investigators had to come to church 5 times before they could get baptized but it just got changed to 3! That is going to help us out alot with baptisms. I had a baptism this past Saturday with our investigator Julio. We had a member in the ward baptize him so he could have a friend and mentor. The people here are really cool and honestly time is going by so fast! I love hearing all the stories back home! And Dad, I might say your are looking a bit thin! haha, and Cameron and Whitney i like the new motorcycle and I cant wait to ride it when I get back haha. I am starting to get tan and its weird I havent used any sunscreen here and haven't got sunburned yet. The Lord is defiantly blessing me here on my mission!!!! I am addicted to these things called campechanas. They are like pork bacon meat on tacos and seriously my favorite food ever. Dad, Cam, Chase, and Logan you guys need to come here just to try these things! I can get like 4 for 40 pesos! Delivered! That is like 2 dollars. So legit. Thank you all for keeping me updated and sending me emails. I still am unsure on what I am going to do with my football situation and if i am going to come home a few transfers early or what. My mission president is willing to work with me which is nice. Cant wait to see you all next Sunday! Take Care! Be safe.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week 13: Juarez, Mexico

Week 13: Times Flying By!

Wow I cant believe how fast this week went by! Its weird, here on my mission a day feels like week and the a week feels like a day. Well this week has been super hot, on Thursday it got up to 110 degrees. I was dying! Other than that its been great!
This week I went on transfers with Elder Sanders and I got to mob around on a bike for the first time! It was fun for like the first 1 hour, than I just starting to sweat and it became miserable. It was interesting, his area is super far from Monterrey and some colonies in his area are like 3rd world country status! It was a good time and I got to learn a lot from him.
I am super excited because my companion and I are having a baptism this week! We are baptizing our investigator Julio. Julio is a super cool guy (18 years old) and I have been able to see the gospel really change his life! I really feel like God has prepared him for this moment. Missionary work is difficult, but also it is an amazing experience like none other. I am so thankful for my time here. I hope you all back home are doing good! Praying for you all. Sorry for my lame pictures, its because I cant take any pictures outside my house in my area for safety reasons! Ill try my best in the future! 

-Elder Gibson