Friday, August 18, 2017

Week 28: San Miguel, Mexico.

Week 28: Sleeping on the Roof!

This past week was a little bit stressful and frustrating. First of all we got our water cut because the Elders that lived there before us never paid the water bill. It is very difficult living the scorching heat without any water in the house, I wouldn't recommend it. Secondly, Thursday Elder Gamboa and I lost the keys to our house. I think you can piece together what happened next... We slept on the roof in our white shirts and ties.WE had some members bring a few blankets but thats about it. The next morning we got a little impatient and we decided the only option was to break down the door😂. Elder Gamboa told me to show him my football skills, so I decided to go at it with my shoulder. To my surprise the door busted open and all we did was break the dead bolt lock on the door. We screwed it back on and it was like nothing even happened ☺.  We later found the keys in the street in a different colonia and the water got fixed.

I tell this story because at times life is difficult. At times we wonder why life cant be easy or just go our way, however these kind of "bad days" are necessary. Without them we wouldn't understand what it feels like to enjoy the good days! Life is full of ups and downs, everyone has trials and difficulties. Keep in mind that we are here on the Earth today to experience JOY! When we have this mind set and perspective we will be able to find happiness in any situation this life has to throw at us! We will also be able to understand that in the end, everything will work out to be alright.Take care everyone!

Love, Elder Gibson

A few old pictures of my six month mark and me forcing my companions face into his birthday cake!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Week 27: San Miguel, Mexico.

Week 27: ¡Ã‰chele Ganas!

This week has gone by super fast and I feel as if I don't have mucho to talk about. 
However, to start out it was Elder Gamboa's birthday Saturday and I cooked up a lot of food in the morning! I was super proud because I found bacon here and I cooked it up and I came to find out that Elder Gamboa doesn't like bacon.  I also planned out a mini surprise party for him with some of the members which was a success! I even smashed his face into his birthday cake.
This week we were teaching an investigator and all of a sudden the drug military squad pulled up in a SWAT truck. My initial thoughts were that our investigator was selling drugs. However, truth be told their squad just passed by to get their haircut by her. We even got to snap a picture with them!
We have been working super hard to find the people that have been prepared to hear this message. We have seen the people in our area progress and make the changes needed to be right in the sight of our Lord. I am so thankful for all the many things I have learned here and look forward to the future. 
I want to end by saying that trials are necessary in this life, we are going to get knocked down but I promise we can endure and overcome these trials. Know that God has a plan, and that every little thing in this life happens for a reason. Stay positive, and enjoy this wonderful life! Take care, Cuidense.
-Elder Gibson

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Week 25 and Week 26: San Miguel, Mexico.

Week 25: San Miguel!

My first week in my new area was awesome! Its a lot different, the houses are so much nicer. I also feel a lot safer here in this area . I am accustomed to Jaurez where nobody has any money, but the truth is I miss it a lot! The people in Juarez were a lot more receptive and humble. I made so many amazing friends in Juarez that I will treasure forever. However, this new area it feels as if the temperature is more mild. We also have air conditioning in our bedroom which is a huge blessing. The house is also a lot bigger and 2 stories. The ward is also super supportive and always looking for ways to help us. Yesterday I gave a talk in church and I talked about the importance of missionary work. I am finally getting comfortable with speaking this language
Elder Gamboa has 5 weeks left in the mission so we are going to work super hard and do all we can to find success in his last few weeks. One of my favorite families from Juarez was in my area yesterday for a fiesta and stopped by to talk to me for a little, I was super excited! This area has a lot of potential and I am so excited to start working here!  
My favorite lesson to teach is the Plan of Salvation. This lesson seems to bring the most peace to all the people that I teach. I know that God has prepared a plan for all of us, and through our obedience and faithfulness we can obtain all of the blessing he has in store for us. He has paved the path for us to live again after this life! How wonderful this plan is for us. Always praying for you all, cuidese mucho!

P.S. I am a snake keeper and so fat that I broke a chair while eating. Also a picture of my old district in Juarez!

-Elder Gibson
Week 26: 6 months.... check!
Well I would like to start off by saying today I completed 6 months in the mission! It has gone by super fast and in this short time I have experienced so many things that will last a lifetime. I have experienced the ups and the downs but honestly I can only remember the good times and not the bad. I am grateful for this time and I hope that the time will slow down! Its going by way too fast.This week has been super hot! One day I forgot to put on sunscreen and got super burnt! I got a call from one of my super close friend from Jaurez this week. His name is Jonathan, the brother of my convert Karla (I sent pictures with him last week and his picture is below). When I was there in Jaurez, he always listened but never had the desire to go to church or progress. However, he called me and said he has the desire and we talk and had a great conversations about all of his questions and doubts. He went to church yesterday and had a great experience. Things like this are the things i love about my mission! Watching people have a change of heart and a strong desire to change their lives for the best! I am super happy and grateful for this time. Take care everyone and most importantly, BE HAPPY!
- Elder Gibson

Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 23 and Week 24. Juarez, Mexico.

Week 24: Semana Loco!

This week has been super good and I am super happy! First off, yesterday Elder Fernandez and I baptized Karla Luevanos AND the mom of our recent convert Martin. Her name is Maria! To top off this crazy week off, I HAVE TRANSFERS! I am going to an area that's called San Miguel. It is outside of Monterrey in a Municipio called Apodaca. I am super excited! My new companion is another Mexican, his name is Elder Gamboa. I am also going to remain district leader in this new area. However, to be honest I am a little sad to leave all the friends I have made in my area right now here in Jaurez!

Just a little story about our new convert Karla, Elder Rincon and I found her and her family in March! We have been teaching her for almost 5 months, FIVE MONTHS, she has had difficulties and doubts about some principles in the gospel during these 5 months which has been in the way of her baptism. This past week we didn't have in our plans to baptize her but Thursday we had a super cool experience! We had a super spiritual lesson with her and after this lesson we decided to put a date for her baptism to help her progress towards her baptism. Before this lesson Elder Fernandez and I decided for the 6th of August to give her time to resolve her doubts. However after this lesson she told us, "I want to get baptized... I want to be baptized this Sunday" I was shocked! But I was like okay, we can do that!!. We had her interview Friday and Sunday we baptized her. Its more special because it was my last Sunday here in this area! What a miracle! I am great for all the great experiences I have obtained here in Mexico! Take care and know that God loves you all!

P.S. I look like a giant again... 

-Elder Gibson

** i failed last week. here is his weekly email from the previous week**

Week 23: last week before transfers!

This week has been super cool, we got permission to buy bikes so we bought some bikes! It has helped so much and we can get a lot more work done, what a blessing! However for some strange reason, the dogs love to attack the people on the bikes. I had to defend myself more times than I can count this week. I came out successful without getting bit but my companion wasn't so successful. Lucky it was only a little dog that got a hold of my companions leg!!  But ive developed some defensive techniques so ill be alright. Also the mom of our recent convert Martín is ready for her baptism! We are planning on having it this Sunday. Super excited for her! This is the last week of this transfer, so next Monday ill know if im staying of leaving this area! Super excited. Take care!

-Elder Gibson

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Week 22: Juarez, Mexico.

Week 22: Semana....quien sabe.

Hello everyone! This week has been great, we confirmed Martin. His whole family came to church which was awesome. Super happy and excited for them. We also found a new investigator who is super cool and progressing super well. He has read almost the entire Book of Mormon in this week alone. His name is Jose and he lives alone but loves football! This is the first time here I have found someone who likes football more than soccer, so its been nice to talk about the game! However he likes the Cowboys (like all Mexicans), which is a problem with me being a Redskins fan.
This next week is when the canícula starts. The canícula is a time here where for 45 days its 45 degrees celcuis.  If you do the math thats 113 degrees so theres a chance I am going to die... However through all the heat and craziness of  Mexico I am able to find a sense of true happiness! I am always tired and wore out but always happy. I hope all of you are happy and are grateful for the wonderful life you have in the United States! It truly is a blessing. Take care

P.S. The picture with the phone is me pretending to know what the people are talking about ðŸ˜‚

-Elder Gibson

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Week 21: Juarez, Mexico.

 Week 21: Special Week!

This week was awesome! We had the baptism of Martin Barron. We have been teaching him for forever and he was in the hospital for 3 weeks for his illness! However, we finally had his baptism. He is super special. Its incredible to me that for his state and condition due to his illness, he is still always super happy. He has really helped me be grateful for my health and all my blessings. We plan on having more baptisms to come too so I am super excited!
We also went to parque fundidora in Monterrey today! It is super cool there, and massive. We got to mess around and teach my Mexican friends how to play football! I have some pictures that ill post! I hope all you are doing great!!! Cuidese Mucho!

Love, Elder Gibson

P.S. I am a giant here if you cant notice!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week 20: Juarez, Mexico.

Week 20: ¿Que paso?

This week was awesome! We had the great opportunity to do alot of service. Doing service is the best! My companion and I found this super awesome family this week. They had been listening to the missionaries a while back and all of a sudden the missionaries had changes and never visited them again. However, we were contacting and found them and are teaching them again! It is crazy how God uses the unlikely (2 teenagers) to complete the impossible (help grown men and women come closer to their Savior, Jesus Christ).
This week there was also an old lady with 85 years and she was telling us about these tiny beetles that if you drink with water it gives you energy and prevents cancer. She was determined for us to try it, and I only did try it because I have a lot of trust in this old lady! So, she walks over to a cage with these live beetles that live inside. She takes about 20 and puts them in a cup with water and gives it to me and tells my to drink. I was a bit nervous because I looked inside they were just swimming in the water! However, I drank it and could feel every single of these insects in the back of my esophagus. Gross! But I will be honest, I had a weird amount of energy after! 
That's my crazy story for the week, we also have investigators that are in the door for baptism which is super exciting! Love you all and hope all is well!

-Elder Gibson

Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 19: Juarez, Mexico

Week 19: Mi Amigos

This week was the first week with my new companion. His name is Elder Fernandez. He is a little bit shy but super cool. I have had to talk a lot more recently which has been a struggle but also nice.
In the picture of the river, you can see some houses or shacks whatever you want to call them. This past week we went and did some contacting in that area and talked to some great people! However when I asked for their address to return they just gave me the address "3rd house under the bridge, or the green house along the river." We came up to the last house on this strip and 3 huge pit bulls came so my companion and I took off running as fast as we could! Our adrenaline kicked in and we were movin haha!! Hope all is well this week! Cuidese mucho.

-Elder Gibson
Whats up my people!!!! How is everything? I am doing great. My Spanish has been progressing super fast because my new companion is super shy!!! Entonces I have to do like all the talking which kinda sucks but its helped me alot! My companion is Elder Fernandez from Mexico City like Elder Rincon. He has 6 months in the mission. He is super short and kinda lazy. Dont worry though I have been working him to death!!! hahaha I keep telling him that his body needs to get accustomed to working all day everyday!!! He told me that he and his old companion would take a nap after the food so he is super tired from working all day but it will be good for him and he will be able to see all the blessing that come from working hard. Anyways, We have 3 investigators in the door for baptism. Angel Gomez, Karla Luebanos, Andrea Mendoza, y Martin Barron. I am super excited for them and I think everything is going to work out great! The temperature is stinking hot. Oh also mom I got the packages, the food and the fanny packs! Thank you so much the fanny packs are literally awesome haha! Work so much better.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Week 18: Juarez, Mexico.

Week 18: Transfers!!

This week has been awesome and sad at the same time! We had transfers and my companion Elder Rincon is leaving tomorrow to a different area. I am staying in Jaurez and getting a new companion. His name is Elder Fernandez from Mexico! Also I finished my training this past transfer which is super exciting! I also got called and have the opportunity to be district leader. I am super exciting but also a big responsibility for my little experience right now in the mission. I am super excited to stay in my area too because we have buenísimo personas in the door for baptism!
The canícula is starting here and I am dreading it! The canícula is when its 45 degrees Celsius here for 2 months. 45 Celsius is about 115 degrees, so its highly possible I am going to die within these next few weeks. Anyways, Cuídese Mucho. Hasta luego. 
-Elder Gibson

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Week 17: Juarez, Mexico.

Week 17: An interesting week!

This week has been super interesting! Elder Rincon and I received a new companion. His name is Elder George, he is from Sandy, UT. We are currently in a trio because Elder Georges companion went home due to health reasons. He is close to ending his mission so I have learned alot from him!
Yesterday was awesome, we have a family that is taking the lessons and they invited us over for Carne Asada yesterday. They are super cool, in their family they have a son who is 19 and daughter who is 18 and another daughter that is 22. Their grandparents live in Buhl, ID too which is crazy! 
Next week it is possible I get a new companion which is crazy! We have alot of investigators progressing and gaining testimonies of their Savior Jesus Christ which is so cool. Time is going by so fast its freaking me out. Also, the cockroaches are coming out because of the heat and they are huge! They are black and can fly... The worst part is they are in our house. Hope all is well! 
Love, Elder Gibson

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Week 16. Juarez, Mexico.

Week 16: Jaurez!

 This week has been a miracle! Been raining and cool for the first time in my mission. Los Tigres (The pro soccer team here in Monterrey) are in the championship game for all of Mexico! A ton of parties have been going on due to their victories. The championship game here is going to be crazy! I have lucked out because everyone has been making Carne Asada and have been inviting me and my companion to eat with them!
We have been teaching some great people, who truly want a change in their life. I am so blessed to be an instrument in the Lords hand to help the people here! We have been teaching a special person named Martin. He is 29 and has major problems with his health. He has tuberculosis and probably weighs 115 pounds. Elder Rincon and I had the opportunity to give him a special blessing for his health and it was such an amazing experience. He has started to to improve his health and has a baptism date for next week!  Through sincere faith miracles can happen in our life. Life is good! Praying for you all. Got some pictures of what the weather has been like this week!
Love, Elder Gibson

FAMILY! what's up.
This week has been super good and chill. WE have been teaching alot and we have 2 baptisms for next week and 2 more for the following. I hope that they come through, its possible there is some problems and might have to wait a little longer. However, my convert Julio got the priesthood which is super cool! I am convinced someday he is going to become an apostle, he seriously loves the church already more than anyone ive ever met.  Its possible that on June 4th I am training a newby! I am nervous for this possibility but also excited! I hope you all have a great start to summer! I cant believe its already summer. I am really going to miss boating, the cabin, and wakeboarding this 2 years with sucks but its okay. I want you all to be reading the book of Mormon each day because the book really does have the power to answer the difficult questions of your soul through the Holy Ghost. I promise you will be able to find peace in your life. Les amo muchísimo y espero que estan todo bien. Constantemente estoy orando  para ustedes. Cuídese, Nos Vemos bye!!!!!!
Con mucho amor, Elder Gibson

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Week 15. Juarez, Mexico and Mother's Day.

Week 15: Another Week!

This week was awesome! Elder Rincon and I had the opportunity to teach a lot of great people. I also had the chance to skype my family and Damen for Mothers Day which was a great blessing. However yesterday my companion and I had an interesting experience.
We take busses here when we need to go to an area that is out of walking distance. So we took a bus that we thought was going to take us to our desired destination but we were so very wrong. We ended up in the middle of nowhere! The worst part is that we didn't enough money to take a taxi back so we walked for 2 hours in the sun and jungle all the way back to our house. Many times i just thought about hitch hiking. However we made it back and we know now not to take that bus. 
Anyways. I want to let you all know that I know that God listens and answers our prayers. Pray is a simple but very powerful action we have on the earth. I know through sincere pray we can know the guidance and truth we need. I am so thankful for this time here and I have finally gotten pretty good at washing my clothes by hand which is a plus (ITS HARD WORK). I hope all is well and I am still continually praying for you all! I really am sorry but I cant upload any pictures this week. Something is wrong with the system here. I will make sure to put them in my next email! Cuidese Mucho!
-Elder Gibson

***Since it was Mother's Day on Sunday we were able to Skype with Jared for 45 minutes. He looks so good and seems so happy. He loves his mission and loves serving the people in Mexico!***
--a few fun facts he told us--
- he washes his clothes by hand
-they finally got their power turned back on, yay for having electricity!
- he is "lengthening" out, he says he has grown two inches since he got there. he even showed us that he now wears high water pants. mom says she is sending him new pants this week. 
- his mission president went to Boise High School
- he is trying to teach his companion English but everything his companion said to us made no sense
- he can now speak spanish and teach the lessons as well as understand what the natives are saying
- he loves serving in the poorer area of Monterrey. he says the people are all so nice and kind
-the food down there is amazing

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Week 14: Juarez, Mexico.

 Week 14: Another Week.

Time is going by super fast, I really cant believe it! This week was super good, and also super busy. Our investigator Julio got baptized, we got to go to the temple in the rich part of Monterrey, and had the opportunity to go on two transfers, all in one week.
 Julio got baptized on the 5th. We had one of the members of the ward baptize him so he could have a close relationship with someone in the ward. He really is special and I have seen his life completely change. He is awesome and I am so excited for him and his future!
Today i got to explore around the center of Monterrey, it felt like I was back in the United States. It was nice for the day, but in reality I like the slums a lot better. Here I have really came to the conclusion and can testify to the phrase that "Money cant buy happiness". Having good relationships and being around people that you love really is true happiness and joy! I am so thankful for this time on my mission and I have had a lot of time to ponder life and understand whats really important in life and whats not. But really, its going by way too fast! I hope the best for all of you. Take care.


** this week jared wrote a combined letter to the family as well (i am sure we all ask the same questions and he was done with writing one separate email for all 8 of us). it was good hear him go into a little more detail of everything he is doing and loving down there. i have decided to add this letter and any other future family combined letters to his blog as well... as i am sure when he gets home, and in the years to come,  he will love to remember and read everything he had to say.**


Hows everyone doing? I hope all is well and I just want to update you all on my status. And to answer all of moms questions haha! My companion has been out for 11 months. After this transfer I will either stay here with him or I personally think I am going to stay in this area and train a new missionary. Im not sure but I am excited either way. I cant wait to skype on the 14th, that is going to be fun!! My language is getting alot better and i can understand mostly everything people say now which is a blessing and makes teaching alot more fun! Church is alright, we and 4 other missionaries are in a ward called Jaurez 1. Its not to big in numbers but the area of our ward is massive. At times our bishop will come in like 5 minutes late with his family. The ward needs help but it will survive for now. So big news in the mission world. It used to be that investigators had to come to church 5 times before they could get baptized but it just got changed to 3! That is going to help us out alot with baptisms. I had a baptism this past Saturday with our investigator Julio. We had a member in the ward baptize him so he could have a friend and mentor. The people here are really cool and honestly time is going by so fast! I love hearing all the stories back home! And Dad, I might say your are looking a bit thin! haha, and Cameron and Whitney i like the new motorcycle and I cant wait to ride it when I get back haha. I am starting to get tan and its weird I havent used any sunscreen here and haven't got sunburned yet. The Lord is defiantly blessing me here on my mission!!!! I am addicted to these things called campechanas. They are like pork bacon meat on tacos and seriously my favorite food ever. Dad, Cam, Chase, and Logan you guys need to come here just to try these things! I can get like 4 for 40 pesos! Delivered! That is like 2 dollars. So legit. Thank you all for keeping me updated and sending me emails. I still am unsure on what I am going to do with my football situation and if i am going to come home a few transfers early or what. My mission president is willing to work with me which is nice. Cant wait to see you all next Sunday! Take Care! Be safe.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week 13: Juarez, Mexico

Week 13: Times Flying By!

Wow I cant believe how fast this week went by! Its weird, here on my mission a day feels like week and the a week feels like a day. Well this week has been super hot, on Thursday it got up to 110 degrees. I was dying! Other than that its been great!
This week I went on transfers with Elder Sanders and I got to mob around on a bike for the first time! It was fun for like the first 1 hour, than I just starting to sweat and it became miserable. It was interesting, his area is super far from Monterrey and some colonies in his area are like 3rd world country status! It was a good time and I got to learn a lot from him.
I am super excited because my companion and I are having a baptism this week! We are baptizing our investigator Julio. Julio is a super cool guy (18 years old) and I have been able to see the gospel really change his life! I really feel like God has prepared him for this moment. Missionary work is difficult, but also it is an amazing experience like none other. I am so thankful for my time here. I hope you all back home are doing good! Praying for you all. Sorry for my lame pictures, its because I cant take any pictures outside my house in my area for safety reasons! Ill try my best in the future! 

-Elder Gibson

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Week 12: Juarez, Mexico.

Week 12: Juarez!

What a week! We ended transfers yesterday and I am staying in the same area with Elder Rincon again. I am super excited to stay in this area. The people here are great. This past Saturday was a huge classic rivalry in soccer here. Tigres of Guadalupe vs. Rayalos of Monterrey. The people were going crazy on Saturday, no joke like the super bowl in the United States. Parades all throughout the day and everyone grilling up Carne Asada. Some of the members invited my companion and I over for Carne Asada and its the best food I have ever had! Anyways, Rayalos of Monterrey won and most of Jaurez (my area) likes Tigres so its been a hard couple days for them. haha. Also, my companion was constantly telling me that Americans are babies when it comes to spicy foods (which he is right). However, he said that he would respect me if I ate a full Habanero chile. Of course I accepted his challenge and it was a very bad decision. Shortly after eating one I found myself running around my house, sweating, crying, and dying in reality. After drinking 2 liters of milk and eating a few pieces of bread trying to tame the spice, I received my companions respect.
Now for a more spiritual experience in the week. My companion and I had the impression one morning during planning to visit a villas very far from our house. We followed the impression and took the bus there and didn't find any success for a while. We were starting to double guess and doubt our decision. As we were walking back to the bus stop my companion had the impression to stop at a specific house. We knocked and to our surprise a lady opened and as soon as she saw us she broke into tears. Honestly, Elder Rincon and I were confused at first, but she came to explain that she has been suffering from major depression in her life and she was praying to send someone to help her. This testified to me that God answers prayers and that when we followed the Holy Spirit we can witness miracles in our lives. I am so thankful for all of you and hope you are all doing good. Its currently raining out here so my life is pretty good right now!
Cidese mucho!
Con amor, 
Elder Gibson
P.S the picture with Elder Clark is cool because his name is Cameron Clark like my brother in law.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 11. Juarez, Mexico.

Week 11. Another Week!

A major change in weather this week! Overcast and a little bit of rain...God really does answer prayers. Anyways this week has been super good! I hope you all had a great Easter and remembered the true meaning of the day. I made a legit purchase this week. I told you all I have been given the nickname around here Canelo Alvarez, so I decided to finally live up to the name. I bought a punching bag and mounted in my house so I can put some work in! Easily the best workout Ive ever done.
Elder Rincon and I had an interesting experience this week. We were out contacting and we came upon these 2 men who were obviously under the influence and wanted to talk about the Bible with us. We obviously said sure and we talked for about 1 hour and 30 minutes discussing the Bible and the teachings therein. The 2 men actually knew alot about the Bible but had some crazy thoughts. They thought the Caucasian race were aliens and we came from an angels (or aliens). I was really confused and let Elder Rincon do all the talking. It really is crazy to hear some of the things people think and have to say out here. However, I love the time I have to be out here serving all the people! Hope all is well. Read 1 Samuel 16:17. Its a good one! Praying for you all. By the way the dogs in the picture below are much more kind than the others.
Love, Elder Gibson

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Week 10. Juarez, Mexico.

Week 10: Another Week!

 Hello! I am in a super good mood because it wasnt so hot this week and today we got AC in our house. I dont think I have ever been so excited in my life. Anyways, I had first baptism and that was a super cool experience (ill talk about it more later). In reality, it has been a super good week.
I have gained a good relationship with all the kids in my Villa (Villa is like a neighborhood in Mexico). I play soccer with them and teach them some English, the love it! They are always hooking me up with candy and Coke. I have been drinking Coca-Cola like water here on the mission for 2 reasons. 1. It is much more safe to drink than the water. 2. For some reason, the Coke here is 3x better than in the United States.
Today my companion and I ate with the Gomez family and I had an interesting experience. Hermana Gomez came out with our food and it was alot of food. However, I was super hungry so I ate all of that and I was unsure if I wanted seconds. But when she asked, I gave in. I said a little bit please because here in Mexico you have to eat all your food or it is super disrespectful. Of course, she came out with more food than the first time. I looked at my companion was gave him the look like NO PUEDO (I cant do it). Well, I had to force feed my self and I felt like I was going to explode. Of course, to my luck she had dessert. I force fed that down and I am not lying, it was the most food I have ever eaten in my life. Shortly after we left walking back to our house, I threw up everywhere!! Never again will I ask for seconds!!
On a better note, yesterday I had the opportunity to baptize Alexa Samantha Vasquez Montoya. It was a great experience and such a good feeling. She is 8 years old and lives with her mom (Lydia) and brother (Alex). They are a great family and Elder Rincon and I love visiting them. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be out here on a mission and serving the people! Time is going to fast!