Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Week 46. Week 47. Miguel Aleman, Mexico.

Week 46: Dec. 17

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! It was great, we ate like 3 different cakes. Some families from the ward got together and we celebrated a little bit!!! I don't have a lot of time today to talk but I can't wait to talk to you guys next week!! I hope my English is sufficient! Hope all is well, take care, until Monday!!!

Week 47: Phone call home on Christmas Day!!!

We were able to talk with Jared for almost 2 hours on Christmas Day. He looked great! He was wearing a sweater that a lady knitted him and used a members home computer to Skype in with us. We talked with his companion in some broken English that Jared has been teaching him. We also got serenaded to by him in Spanish with one of his favorite Spanish songs and it was hilarious. It was so fun to see him and hear some of his favorite parts of his mission. He loves Mexico and the people down there one year and counting until he comes home!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Week 43. Week 44. Week 45. Miguel Aleman, Mexico.

How did I ever get three weeks behind! Sorry little brother.... here are his last three emails.

Week 43: Not so thanksgiving weekend.

To start off, yes the caption is for real. This week I really missed a nice thanksgiving feast and most importantly some football. Oh also it's still hot outside at the end of November. However, I heard that my Redskins won so that's the good news. 
Honestly, this week was awesome! My companion and I were praying all last week that we could find a new investigator that has been waiting to hear the gospel. This past Tuesday we had planned out to have one last lesson with a sister who just really hasn't been progressing. When we entered we saw that there was a young man sitting in back part of the house. We invited this young man, that we later came to know that his name Israel and is the grandson of the sister to join in on the lesson. We taught a little bit and he was so excited and wanted to learn more! We had the chance to put a baptism date with him for the 17th of December. I think it would be a pretty good birthday present. Also, he came with us to church on Sunday and he told us that he could barely sleep the night before because he was so excited to go to church. The best part of it all is that now his grandmother is progressing too! I know that God really does answer our prayers.
I am super excited for this time of year. This time of year we have the chance to celebrate the birth of the Light of the World, Jesus Christ. The church has made a video and a program called #LightTheWorld. I hope all of you can check out the videos and the ways that we can #LightTheWorld or #IluminaElMundo. Ill drop the link here: 

Love, Elder Gibson
Week 44: Futbol Madness

This week has been interesting. First of all we started December and its still like 85 degrees. Its hard to be in the Christmas spirit when i walk outside for only 5 minutes and start to sweat . Also something crazy happened this week! The soccer league here in Mexico is like the NBA or NFL in the United States. There are two teams here in Monterrey, Monterrey Rayados and UANL Tigres. They both were in the semi-finals this past week to make it into the championship. Both teams ended up winning, but the crazy part is that this has never happened. I know its hard for you guys to find out why this is crazy and all but let me explain a little bit more haha. The two teams hate each other, always have.  With all this being said, they are going to shut down a lot of the stores for the games. The people here are already going crazy! In fact mostly everyone has already been going to buy the meat and food they are going to eat during the games because they predict that all the stores are going to run out for all the parties that are going to take place! All of this is going to be kind of hard for us because I am almost sure no one is going to be willing to hear the gospel during these 2 days. However, we will see how things go.
This week was a little bit rough. A lot of our investigators we weren't able to get into contact this past week due to their work situations. The effect of this is that they weren't able to make it out to church. However, this week is a new week that we have to really focus in on them. We had the opportunity to watch the devotional last night and it was awesome! I am so energetic for this time of year. I hope that we are all doing our part this Christmas season by serving those in need. WE can find great happiness in our willingness to serve. Always keep in mind that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God. Take care and enjoy this wonderful time of year!

I am going to attach some pictures of my zone! 

Love, Elder Gibson
Week 45: The Christmas Spirit

Well this week we got hit with a cold front. We even woke up one day with a little bit of snow. This was crazy because it hasn't snowed here in a very long time! When I figured out I was going to Mexico, I never thought I would have to deal with the cold weather... In my past email I commented about the big soccer game here in Mexico. It was last night and we had to be in our house at 7 because after the game the people went crazy! Los Tigres won so all of the people who like Los Rayados stayed at home this morning and didn't go to work because they were still super sad. 
Right now we have quite a few of people who we are teaching. We have 2 teenagers ready and are waiting to be baptized. We are just waiting for the permission from their parents.  Soltan, who we teach in English is really progressing!  We are super happy with all of the wonderful people we are able to teach!  What a blessing it is to bring the gospel into the lives of these people.
This next week my district and I have some great activities planned out. We are going to set up in 2 huge street markets, we will sing, hand out hot chocolate (if its cold...), and teach a little bit about the birth of Jesus Christ. With the help of some members we have printed out huge banners to attract the people to hear about the great message of Jesus! I know that I sing super ugly but its okay right? 
I hope you all have a great Christmas Season and never lose track of the real meaning of it. Take care everyone!
Love, Elder Gibson

Monday, November 27, 2017

Week 42: Miguel Aleman, Mexico.

Week 42: Good Week

This week we had transfers but I didn't have any which was a huge relief. I am going to stay here with Elder Polanco. I am super excited that I didn't get changed! I finally know most of the members in the ward here so we plan on working with them a lot this holiday season. Speaking of holidays, this week might be a little bit sad. It will be sad because Thanksgiving does not exist here... BOO!  Oh well, one of our investigators invited us over Thanksgiving night for Turkey, so I guess that will have to do!
Saturday, I had the opportunity to baptize José Luis! He was an investigator of the sister missionaries in my district! I had his baptism interview on Tuesday and after he asked me if I would do the baptism ordinance. The baptism service was great, other than one thing... The water heater to the church building didn't have any gas. With that being said, we had to fill the baptismal font with freezing cold water! As José and I entered we realized how cold the water actually was.  However, we completed the ordinance and it was such a great experience! José didn't complain or say one word about the temperature of the water. Really the only thing he said after was how pure and clean he felt. Also congrats to my nephew Burke that he too got baptized this past Saturday! 
I hope that we can all take advantage of the holiday season. That we can give service to those in need. Or more than anything spend time with friends and family. Take care.

Love, Elder Gibson

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Week 41. Miguel Aleman, Mexico.

Week 41: Que Pasa Cuates
Well you all know that I always start out with the weather. So this past week was actually pretty cold. It was nice to feel a cool breeze for the first time in 9 months. We had some exchanges this past week on Tuesday. I was with Elder Muñoz from Puebla, we found and taught a family of 5 who were super exited about our message of The Restoration and they ended up coming to church yesterday! We also had our Zone conference with our mission president Thursday. It was great and we really focused on the life of Jesus Christ. I have came to love this scripture here in the mission its in John 8:12. It says:

12 ¶ Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." I especially like this as we approach Christmas time. A time that we can praise, serve, and give our thanks to the LIGHT of this dark world, Jesus Christ.
The sister missionaries in my district baptized a couple yesterday. Their names are Christopher and Rebecca. I have known them for quite awhile now, I always have talked with them Sundays at church and they are awesome! I also had the opportunity to do their baptism interviews. During the interviews Rebecca shared her testimony with me on how she has came to find the truth and light. How she has came to find peace and happiness. It really sunk in deep to see how much peace the gospel brings. Right now they live in separate houses and this next month they have plans of getting married. They have invited me to be one of the witnesses for their wedding. I was honored and am so happy for them and their future. I know that the timing of God is perfect. I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ! Take care everyone. I will also attach a picture with My district and Rebecca and Christopher after their wedding!

Love, Elder Gibson

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Week 40. Miguel Aleman, Mexico.

Week 40:

Okay I have to start out by saying that the weather in Monterrey is crazy! This week was super hot. I think its the first time in my life that I can say that I was sweating outside the night of Halloween. Honestly, I miss the cold and fall season, in fact the fall season doesn't even exist here. Oh well besides this this week was awesome!
This week we celebrated Halloween and El Día de Los Muertos and what do you know, I was a missionary for Halloween. Some people really thought we were dressed up as missionaries for Halloween. Everyone was going crazy this past week, un buen de fiestas y cohetes (fireworks)!  We even got invited to a few, which means we ate a whole lot of food. I really am getting used to this crazy Mexican life style.
Today my district of missionaries and I went for a hike and it was super nice to get outside of the concrete jungle and be able to breathe some fresh air in the mountains. I love everyone opportunity I have to get out and explore this great and beautiful city!
To end all of this, yesterday was awesome! We had Stake conference yesterday and the president of the area here in Mexico, Elder Paul B. Pieper came to Monterrey to talk! The temple president of the Monterrey temple and our mission president were also there. Not only the talks were amazing but after we stayed around for awhile with our Investigator Soltan. It was his first time at church and after the services he had the chance to talk with all three of them! He was super excited to learn more. It has been awesome to watch the Lords hand work in the missionary work. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be out serving a mission. Take care everyone and have a great week!  
Love, Elder Gibson

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Week 38, Week 39. Miguel Aleman, Mexico.

Week 38 ¿Que onda?

This week has been great and honestly gone by super fast. To start off, we have an investigator named Soltan. Yes I know his name doesn't sound like he is from Mexico, it's because he isn't. He is from Hungary, lived in Toronto for 8 years and now here in Mexico. He speaks fluently in Hungarian and English. However, his Spanish is pretty awful. We found him knocking on doors and he opened up and he couldn't speak or understand us very well. At this point I told him like "dude I speak in English" when he heard this he was super excited and we started talking in English. It was all good until I came to the point where I realized that my English was actually really bad. I would try to talk in English and words would come out in Spanish. I guess that's what happens when all my companions have been Mexicans and never speak English. He has been reading the Book of Mormon but in Hungarian. We are super excited for him!
Also, yesterday we were walking by a sports facility and I saw that they were playing football with helmets, pads, and everything. I was really excited because this was the first time I have seen football in person here in Mexico. We got a little bit closer to check it out and I came to realize that it was girls playing. I kid you not that it was an all girls team playing tackle football. I was so confused and it was very difficult for me to watch. My companion told me that it is is very common here, Who knew!
I hope you are all doing the things necessary to strengthen your relationship with our Heavenly Father. Nothing in this life is more important than to show your faith to him through our actions! Always have the faith to persevere through hard times. Good days are always in the future to come.

Love, Elder Gibson
The picture isn't my companion, it's a member who always goes out with us to teach the people! Él es un buen amigo.

Week 39: 9 months!

Hello! This week went by super fast and honestly its hard for me to remember what I have done this past week, but Ill try my best. Well Tuesday we had transfers for the day. Tuesday I was with our zone leader Elder Campbell from Pullman, Washington. It was super cool because Elder Rincon was his trainer in the mission too! Oh and also it was nice to talk and refreshen up on my english. 😂 In fact, we had a lesson with our investigator Soltan in english. I thought I would never say this but Elder Campbell and I were struggling to teach in english. However, Soltan really liked what he heard and he decided to come to church for the first time on yesterday! I am super excited for him! Friday we had other transfers with Elder Maxwell. Elder Maxwell is in my district and only has 3 weeks in the mission. It was very funny to watch him struggle to speak with the people because it reminded me of myself when I arrived here in the mission! Saturday we had a few lessons with members and it was awesome! The members invited our investigators to church and they excepted! It really was a huge help to get our investigators to church yesterday thanks to the members. Sunday my companion was assigned to give a talk during church but I wasnt. However, with my luck my companion and the other speaker didnt take too long so the bishop called me up to fill the missing time.😑 However everything worked out! I also completed 9 months which is super crazy! Sadly, time is going by super fast because the mission is awesome. All of the people, memories, and experiences are something that Ill never be able to forget. Take care everyone! Also, goodluck to MV football!!! And Damen, ball out in basketball! 
 Love, Elder Gibson 

Pictures of my older companion Elder Gamboa, he came by to visit me this past week! With Elder Maxwell and some mexican tacos. And with Elder Campbell!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Week 37: Miguel Aleman, Mexico.

Week 37:

This week I have seen a few miracles happen... The first of which is that its finally gotten a little bit colder around here. It has been super weird, my body has gotten accustomed to the heat here so when it dropped to like 70 degrees, I was freezing cold.  It was super weird to see my companion Elder De la Rosa end his 2 year mission and prepare to return home to his family. However, it was time and my new companion is Elder Polanco. He is from Mérida, Yucatan. For those who don't know Mexico very well, it is right next to Cancun. He has 15 months in the mission. It was been super cool to work with him this week, we were able to find alot of success!
Another little miracle we saw this week was the following: We have an investigator named Patricia and she has been listening to the missionaries since August of 2013. Never once has she excepted a baptism date for some personal doubts that she has. However Elder Polanco and I decided that we were going to invite her to be baptized knowing that she was most likely going to reject us. We had a super good lesson and at the end we gave her the invite and to our surprise she excepted the date. We obviously were shocked and we asked why she hadn't ever expected a date until now. She responded with a unique answer, she said "I never have felt the necessity to say yes until now". This has showed me that God has his time for all things. He has a perfect time for everything in this life. If we have confidence in this, EVERYTHING will eventually turn out to be alright! Hope all is well, take care everyone!

Pictures during transfers with Elder Ortiz! I also had to buy a new sweater today haha!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Week 34, Week 35, Week 36. Miguel Aleman, Mexico.

We have been having problems lately getting Jared's emails and when we do get them the pictures aren't coming through. So hopefully we now have it all and can update his blog!

Week 34: Special Week!

This week was extra special! We baptized our family of 3 on Sunday and confirmed them yesterday. I baptized the oldest Michelle, the bishop baptized Mauricio, and Elder De la Rosa baptized Christopher. Their mother showed up which was awesome. After the services, she came up and told us that she wants to start to hear the lessons! I am super happy for the Martínez family!
Today my district and I went to some of the waterfalls here in Monterrey. We went on like a 3 hour hike and it was awesome to get away from the city for once! It was also pouring rain which made the experience a lot better. We got super muddy and had a good time. 
I am super content with life right now as I have the opportunity to focus on this work! To focus on helping others come unto Christ. Its amazing to see a grand change take place in someones life. Everyone enjoy football for me please and take care! ¡Cuídense! 
-Elder Gibson

Week 35: ¡La vida es buena!

This week I am happy as could be. Became an uncle of a beautiful girl Evelyn Jo Clark! So excited for the time I can return to see this little one with my own eyes. We also had our zone conference and General Conference this past week. I was able to receive a ton of great counsel! After hearing 10 hours of General Conference in español, I`ll be honest my mind hurt just a little bit. The translators talked suuuuper fast.  To top off the week we played a whole lot of basketball today.
A little story of the week, because anything else I believe is boring for you all to read. We got a call from a family of the ward and told us that they had a neighbor who was having problems within her household. The family explained to this neighbor that people can dedicate a house and give blessings. They were interested so they gave us a call. As soon as we got the call we walked to their house and had a brief conversation with them. After we gave them a blessing and dedicated their house, we all felt the spirit very strongly. It was a great experience and after they told us that they desired to learn more. We have been teaching them and they are great! It is amazing to watch the ways the Lord prepares people to hear the message. This next week are transfers, so next Monday Ill know who my new companion is! Take care!

Love, Elder Gibson
(No pictures this week, they had a power outage so his time emailing was cut short)

Week 36: Transfers!

This week has been interesting! We got put in a trio companionship for this past week.  The companion of Elder Ortiz went home a week early to make it on time for his work, for this reason we has been with us. He is from Dominican Republic and crazy to say the least! We have been working in both areas this past week so that has been pretty nice to work out on a new area.

So yes, we had transfers! My companion Elder De la Rosa ended his mission so i knew that I was going to get a new companion. His name is Elder Polanco, by the name I am sure you all can figure out that he is Latino. I am actually super pumped about that because the Mexicans are normally a lot of chill than the Americans (How bias right?) Anyways, I am going to stay here in my area Miguel Alemán. I am super excited to have more time here!

Surprisingly, I have come to love the culture and the people in México. Also I have come to love serving others! I hope that everyone is enjoying football for me. I am suffering only just a little bit here without it.... However if you were wondering, yes its another snake I found with an investigator! This time however, I was a little bit more nervous(Check the picture). The other picture is the parents of a family we are teaching! Apart from the gospel, I taught them how to bake cookies (thanks mom). The Mexicans sure do know how to cook, however to bake is a weakness.  Take care everyone!

Love, Elder Gibson

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mexico City Earthquake.

Jared was able to get online today to send out an email letting us know that he is safe and everything is fine in Monterrey. 
Mexico City was hit with a large earthquake yesterday, September 19, but Jared said that he didn't feel anything in Monterrey and all is well! Yay. We are so glad he is safe.

Week 33: Miguel Aleman, Mexico.

Week 33: ¡VIVA MÉXICO!

Well this week has been interesting! It was the Independence day for México the 16th. We had a fiesta and I´ll be honest the Mexicans know how to celebrate a little bit better than us Americans... This week has also been super humid for some reason. I have came to conclusion that there is hot and humid hot. I have been ironing 2 shirts in the morning because mid-day I have to return to the house to change shirts. We also went to the temple this morning which was a good experience.
We have a baptism date this Saturday for 3 of our investigators. Mauricio, Michelle, and Christopher. I hope we can complete this goal for them. My entire district are Latinos so I have been 100% in Spanish this transfer. Its helped me a lot and I also take time in our meetings to teach them English. I don´t have much to say this week but just remember that in order to receive blessings or anything great in life, we need to make sacrifices! Sacrifice the time and energy to reach out to those in need! I have been blessed to not have been effected by any of the earthquakes here in Mexico yet so don´t worry, everything will be fine! Take care.

Love, Elder Gibson

Pictures with Elder Cambell, The man who always hooks us up with free ice cream, my district, and companion.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Week 32. Miguel Aleman, Mexico.

Week 32: What a week!

Man! It sure has been a crazy week here in Mexico and throughout the world. My companion Elder De la Rosa is from Chiapas which got pretty torn up from the earthquake this past week. His hometown got hit pretty hard leaving a lot dead and injured. However, everyone of his family members is okay. I also know 3 other Elders from Chiapas, and their families too are all okay. I have been thinking about how the Lord blesses the families of a missionary. It truly is miraculous how a family can be protected and blessed with just one family member out on a mission. However, we dont need to have a mission out on a mission to receive these types of blessing. We can all receive them with living a Christ centered life!

Now if anyone is wondering what happened here in Monterrey, everything is okay! 
Thankfully, we didn't get affected by the earthquake. There were only thunder and lightening storms and a power outage. However inconvenient this power outage was, I learned something essential. The power went out in Monterrey and the surrounding cities for 9 hours. With this power outage there wasn't any service for the telephones during this time. After all of the devastating natural disasters, the people seemed to be more concerned and preoccupied about their cellphone than the people suffering in their same country. I realized that the things of this world to the people are more important the world itself. I hope that all of us can live a more simple life. The simple things that bring the most happiness. Ill be the first to say that the newest technology brings a whole lot of worldly happiness but not eternal joy. Now what are these simple things I speak of? Its visiting the people in need, its providing for the poor and less fortunate, its building a strong relationship with family and friends, its putting aside the things of the world for the benefit of others. When we participate in this kind of service with will experience eternal joy that will last us beyond this life. I can promise a simple life is a happier life. Be humble and put others first and watch the blessings that will come! I hope the best for you all. Take care! 

Love, Elder Gibson

P.S. The dog a always play fetch with when I pass by, my house, and me walking the streets of this crazy world!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Week 31: Miguel Aleman, Mexico.

Week 31: Miguel Alemán! oh and an interesting story.

Love, Elder Gibson

P.S. Some pictures with my new companion and my boy Ricky!!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Week 30: San Miguel, Mexico.

Week 30: Transfers!

I have transfers! My companion ended his mission this past week so I knew that I was going to have transfers. Our mission President called me last Thursday and asked me if our house and area would be good for sister missionaries. I should of lied but I told him the truth that yes our area and house are super nice. So yes the sister missionaries hijacked my area and I was a little upset because it was progressing bastante! However I know that the sister missionaries are going to continue the work ☺
I just got moved to an area thats called Miguel Alemán and my new companion is Elder De la Rosa from Chiapas, Mexico. He ends his mission after this transfer so next transfer i'm going to have transfers otra vez! I am super excited to get to know a new area and new people! I have came to realize it doesn't matter in what area or with who, you can always kind happiness. 
I am going to miss my companion Elder Gamboa, he has been super cool! We have made plans for me to go and visit him in his house in Cancun when I end my mission. Also, this week for my district I grilled up Carne Asada and hamburgers for completing some goals we put in the pasado! What a blessing!!! 

I hope you all enjoy the pictures! I got the opportunity to take a picture with our investigators before we leave. It is crazy to see how this gospel can change a persons life and how to can help any person find true happiness! Take care everyone.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Week 29: San Miguel, Mexico.

Week 29: Awesome Eclipse!

Okay to start off, the subject to this email is a joke. The eclipse here was very lame!  I would love to see all of the great pictures of it back home because it wasn't existent here. Today I had the opportunity to at Buffalo Wild Wings so you could say life has been pretty easy. However, this week has been a little bit lame to be honest!

My companion has had major problems with his knees this week. He has had a hard time walking so we talked with our Mission President and he set a few appointments with the doctors in the center of Monterrey. It was a great opportunity to get to know the center of Monterrey, it is super big and beautiful (Its the rich and nice part of Monterrey, the opposite of where I am). With that being said I want to get back to work, we have been limited to working because of Elder Gamboas knee. However, he ends his mission this next week. So his all means next Monday I will know who my new companion is. Interesting... I am super excited! I really hope that it is a Latino, to be honest they are a lot more interesting and helps me a lot with my Spanish .
This week my covert Karla from Juarez told me that she is going to serve a mission! It is crazy to see in just 5 months she has taken so many steps to progress and gain a strong testimony. I am very happy for her decision to start preparing to serve the Lord! Just one of many miracles I have seen here on my mission! I know through faith and scripture study we can find peace and joy. Happiness only lasts for a time but joy is everlasting happiness that can only be found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I hope the best for all of you. Count your many blessing, I promise there are A LOT ☺. Cuidese mucho. I want to see pictures of the eclipse if you have any! 

Love, Elder Gibson

Friday, August 18, 2017

Week 28: San Miguel, Mexico.

Week 28: Sleeping on the Roof!

This past week was a little bit stressful and frustrating. First of all we got our water cut because the Elders that lived there before us never paid the water bill. It is very difficult living the scorching heat without any water in the house, I wouldn't recommend it. Secondly, Thursday Elder Gamboa and I lost the keys to our house. I think you can piece together what happened next... We slept on the roof in our white shirts and ties.WE had some members bring a few blankets but thats about it. The next morning we got a little impatient and we decided the only option was to break down the door😂. Elder Gamboa told me to show him my football skills, so I decided to go at it with my shoulder. To my surprise the door busted open and all we did was break the dead bolt lock on the door. We screwed it back on and it was like nothing even happened ☺.  We later found the keys in the street in a different colonia and the water got fixed.

I tell this story because at times life is difficult. At times we wonder why life cant be easy or just go our way, however these kind of "bad days" are necessary. Without them we wouldn't understand what it feels like to enjoy the good days! Life is full of ups and downs, everyone has trials and difficulties. Keep in mind that we are here on the Earth today to experience JOY! When we have this mind set and perspective we will be able to find happiness in any situation this life has to throw at us! We will also be able to understand that in the end, everything will work out to be alright.Take care everyone!

Love, Elder Gibson

A few old pictures of my six month mark and me forcing my companions face into his birthday cake!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Week 27: San Miguel, Mexico.

Week 27: ¡Échele Ganas!

This week has gone by super fast and I feel as if I don't have mucho to talk about. 
However, to start out it was Elder Gamboa's birthday Saturday and I cooked up a lot of food in the morning! I was super proud because I found bacon here and I cooked it up and I came to find out that Elder Gamboa doesn't like bacon.  I also planned out a mini surprise party for him with some of the members which was a success! I even smashed his face into his birthday cake.
This week we were teaching an investigator and all of a sudden the drug military squad pulled up in a SWAT truck. My initial thoughts were that our investigator was selling drugs. However, truth be told their squad just passed by to get their haircut by her. We even got to snap a picture with them!
We have been working super hard to find the people that have been prepared to hear this message. We have seen the people in our area progress and make the changes needed to be right in the sight of our Lord. I am so thankful for all the many things I have learned here and look forward to the future. 
I want to end by saying that trials are necessary in this life, we are going to get knocked down but I promise we can endure and overcome these trials. Know that God has a plan, and that every little thing in this life happens for a reason. Stay positive, and enjoy this wonderful life! Take care, Cuidense.
-Elder Gibson

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Week 25 and Week 26: San Miguel, Mexico.

Week 25: San Miguel!

My first week in my new area was awesome! Its a lot different, the houses are so much nicer. I also feel a lot safer here in this area . I am accustomed to Jaurez where nobody has any money, but the truth is I miss it a lot! The people in Juarez were a lot more receptive and humble. I made so many amazing friends in Juarez that I will treasure forever. However, this new area it feels as if the temperature is more mild. We also have air conditioning in our bedroom which is a huge blessing. The house is also a lot bigger and 2 stories. The ward is also super supportive and always looking for ways to help us. Yesterday I gave a talk in church and I talked about the importance of missionary work. I am finally getting comfortable with speaking this language
Elder Gamboa has 5 weeks left in the mission so we are going to work super hard and do all we can to find success in his last few weeks. One of my favorite families from Juarez was in my area yesterday for a fiesta and stopped by to talk to me for a little, I was super excited! This area has a lot of potential and I am so excited to start working here!  
My favorite lesson to teach is the Plan of Salvation. This lesson seems to bring the most peace to all the people that I teach. I know that God has prepared a plan for all of us, and through our obedience and faithfulness we can obtain all of the blessing he has in store for us. He has paved the path for us to live again after this life! How wonderful this plan is for us. Always praying for you all, cuidese mucho!

P.S. I am a snake keeper and so fat that I broke a chair while eating. Also a picture of my old district in Juarez!

-Elder Gibson
Week 26: 6 months.... check!
Well I would like to start off by saying today I completed 6 months in the mission! It has gone by super fast and in this short time I have experienced so many things that will last a lifetime. I have experienced the ups and the downs but honestly I can only remember the good times and not the bad. I am grateful for this time and I hope that the time will slow down! Its going by way too fast.This week has been super hot! One day I forgot to put on sunscreen and got super burnt! I got a call from one of my super close friend from Jaurez this week. His name is Jonathan, the brother of my convert Karla (I sent pictures with him last week and his picture is below). When I was there in Jaurez, he always listened but never had the desire to go to church or progress. However, he called me and said he has the desire and we talk and had a great conversations about all of his questions and doubts. He went to church yesterday and had a great experience. Things like this are the things i love about my mission! Watching people have a change of heart and a strong desire to change their lives for the best! I am super happy and grateful for this time. Take care everyone and most importantly, BE HAPPY!
- Elder Gibson