Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Week 22: Juarez, Mexico.

Week 22: Semana....quien sabe.

Hello everyone! This week has been great, we confirmed Martin. His whole family came to church which was awesome. Super happy and excited for them. We also found a new investigator who is super cool and progressing super well. He has read almost the entire Book of Mormon in this week alone. His name is Jose and he lives alone but loves football! This is the first time here I have found someone who likes football more than soccer, so its been nice to talk about the game! However he likes the Cowboys (like all Mexicans), which is a problem with me being a Redskins fan.
This next week is when the canícula starts. The canícula is a time here where for 45 days its 45 degrees celcuis.  If you do the math thats 113 degrees so theres a chance I am going to die... However through all the heat and craziness of  Mexico I am able to find a sense of true happiness! I am always tired and wore out but always happy. I hope all of you are happy and are grateful for the wonderful life you have in the United States! It truly is a blessing. Take care

P.S. The picture with the phone is me pretending to know what the people are talking about 😂

-Elder Gibson

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