Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 23 and Week 24. Juarez, Mexico.

Week 24: Semana Loco!

This week has been super good and I am super happy! First off, yesterday Elder Fernandez and I baptized Karla Luevanos AND the mom of our recent convert Martin. Her name is Maria! To top off this crazy week off, I HAVE TRANSFERS! I am going to an area that's called San Miguel. It is outside of Monterrey in a Municipio called Apodaca. I am super excited! My new companion is another Mexican, his name is Elder Gamboa. I am also going to remain district leader in this new area. However, to be honest I am a little sad to leave all the friends I have made in my area right now here in Jaurez!

Just a little story about our new convert Karla, Elder Rincon and I found her and her family in March! We have been teaching her for almost 5 months, FIVE MONTHS, she has had difficulties and doubts about some principles in the gospel during these 5 months which has been in the way of her baptism. This past week we didn't have in our plans to baptize her but Thursday we had a super cool experience! We had a super spiritual lesson with her and after this lesson we decided to put a date for her baptism to help her progress towards her baptism. Before this lesson Elder Fernandez and I decided for the 6th of August to give her time to resolve her doubts. However after this lesson she told us, "I want to get baptized... I want to be baptized this Sunday" I was shocked! But I was like okay, we can do that!!. We had her interview Friday and Sunday we baptized her. Its more special because it was my last Sunday here in this area! What a miracle! I am great for all the great experiences I have obtained here in Mexico! Take care and know that God loves you all!

P.S. I look like a giant again... 

-Elder Gibson

** i failed last week. here is his weekly email from the previous week**

Week 23: last week before transfers!

This week has been super cool, we got permission to buy bikes so we bought some bikes! It has helped so much and we can get a lot more work done, what a blessing! However for some strange reason, the dogs love to attack the people on the bikes. I had to defend myself more times than I can count this week. I came out successful without getting bit but my companion wasn't so successful. Lucky it was only a little dog that got a hold of my companions leg!!  But ive developed some defensive techniques so ill be alright. Also the mom of our recent convert Martín is ready for her baptism! We are planning on having it this Sunday. Super excited for her! This is the last week of this transfer, so next Monday ill know if im staying of leaving this area! Super excited. Take care!

-Elder Gibson

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